High Quality Trade Workwear at Protect2go

There are a multitude of industries which require personal protective clothing and equipment along with standard workwear clothing items and some of the most influential factors when purchasing workwear include safety, comfort, durability, functionality, quality and design.

Always choose high quality workwear as you will save money in the long run due to it being more durable. Cheap or inferior workwear may cause more hassle than the savings are worth. High quality workwear will also improve the image of your business with the public.

Workwear Brands

Brook Taverner is a well-respected designer and manufacturer of high-quality workwear. Working with some of the best fabric mills in the world ensures that all Brook Taverner workwear is made in ethically sound factories.
Our exceptional selection of Gildan workwear is available in a range of sizes. The ever-expanding colour palette of Gildan workwear covers a spectrum of bold brights to subtle hues.
The PRO RTX workwear range includes jackets and fleeces, tshirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts. The Pro RTX Polo shirt is ideal to create the perfect workwear uniform due to the availability of a wider size range, to suit a work team of all sizes.
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